Arizona Motorcycle Laws Lane Splitting

Arizona Motorcycle Laws Lane Splitting

Arizona is a wonderful place to own a motorcycle, with open roads and predictable weather. While traffic can slow you down, did you that lane splitting is..
Vehicle Code in Arizona does not allow Lane Splitting.. Revised Statutes §28-903 Operation of motorcycle.
Arizona provides for great motorcycle riding opportunities year-round.. In addition to all the state traffic laws, Arizona has laws specific for motorcycles:. another vehicle in the same lane of traffic and the motorcyclist shall not split traffic lanes.
8/9/2018 added info about new published paper: Bike lanes next to on-street parallel. is lane-sharing; motorcyclist lanesplitting could soon be legal in AZ.
Motorcycles that need to be registered in Arizona to be ìstreet legal.î; Car splitting (also called lane splitting) is not allowed. Helmet laws require people under 18 .

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